Automatized Telescopic Axis

··· The Automatized Telescopic Axis (A.T.A.) was developed as the final project for the course "An aproach to enginering" of my last semester at Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Tired of aiming your telescope with complicated handles? Bored of always fixing your coordinates? I made something about it.The A.T.A. project concists of a telescopic standarized mount with two rotational axis (Vertical and Horizontal). The A.T.A. includes a Stepper Motor based motion system wich makes the mount battery-powered.

The A.T.A. counts with two opartive modes: The manual mode, which allows the user to control the system's velocity of rotation and position with a user-friendly controller. The auto mode, wich reads pre-established coordinates in order to autonomously position the mount.

Components Used


The code for this project was written in standard "C." You can review the full program using the link below.

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