First Robotics Competition

··· While in Tecnológico de Monterrey, I was part of the Robotics Representative Team (Monarch-e). We participated in one of the world's biggest high school Robotics Competitions.

A dream come true. While attending Tecnológico de Monterrey, I was not only part of Monarch-e (The High School's Robotics Representative Group) but also Captain of the Electronics and Pneumatics team of the robot participating in the 2022 FIRST: RAPID REACT challenge.

College Press Interview

Due to my outstanding participation in Monarch-e and my "inspiring" life background, I caught the attention of the national University's news. A report of my life and involvement in the team was made, which you can read using the link below.

Interview !


Two alliances of three teams play Rapid React, each commanding a robot and doing particular tasks to get points. At the end of the match, both sides ascend into their Hangars after blasting inflatable balls known as Cargo into a central Hub. Each match's goal is to score more points than the opposing alliance before the game concludes.

As the competition began, we encountered the close ending of a long path, one with uncountable challenges, mistakes, and sacrifices, yet, with new knowledge, experience, and friends acquired. We faced strong rivals, mechanical problems, and several game losses throughout the exhausting competition. Still, despite that, we managed to get to the top 10 best teams and be alliance chiefs. We fought strong, and although we did not get first place in the competition, my teammates and I won a lifetime experience and a beautiful introduction to robotics.

Explaining the Robotic System

Starting with a relay and ending with a robot. Since the beginning of the competition, I have been responsible for designing and building the electronic and pneumatic systems of the robot. The robot's movement was powered by seven independent NEO brushless motors controlled through PWM signals using SPARK MAX motor controllers, relays, and the Control Hub. The pneumatic system utilized a combination of an air compressor, relays, pressure tanks, and solenoid valves to extend two interconnected pneumatic actuators.

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